Benefits of Rooting Android Phone Use Freedom App

Android has totally changed the meaning of phone it has made everything possible if you want to use to do your work then also and if you want to use it to play games then also you can. One of the best things on android phone is rooting. It’s a very common thing with which you can be able to use your mobile phone in a very new way.

Rooting of an android phone is very much similar to jailbreak in iPhone. With rooting, you get to access your phone as a super user on this platform. Not just this but if you have root access on your phone then you can be able to uninstall those apps also. Some apps which you will be getting in your phone might be unusual and you want to uninstall but just because of some reason you can’t be able to do so.

Customize Android Os

The look which you will be getting when you buy a new phone will not be original because they just give you simple interface but if you have root access then you can be able to customize your Os as per your needs.  Like if you have root access then you can be able to block those apps which are continuously using the memory of your phone. If you want to install custom ROM on your phone then you can be able to do so. If you have root access then you can be able to use busy box also on your phone and it gives a very new look to the entire apps in your phone.

If you have installed custom ROM on your phone and you are not satisfied with that then you can restore your previous ROM also.

Not just this but if you have root access then you can be able to use one of the very amazing apps which is known as Freedom. It is an app for those people who want to enjoy games in a new way like you want a lot of coins in Clash of Clans to build new buildings then it will give you those coins for free. If you want gems than with this app you can also purchase it for free. For installation, you would need to download the freedom apk and install on your android.  

It allows you to go premium buy any app in play store for free.  It uses a fake credit card which allows you to purchase those apps but one thing which you have to remember when you are going to use this app is just never turn on your location service because it might be possible that you get traced by play store. So whenever you are going to use just disallow location service in your phone.

One of the most beneficial features which you will get after rooting your phone is that you can get more out of your battery and this is one of the things which I like most. So are you also a lover of android and want to use your phone in a new way than just root your phone.

Root Explorer: The Exclusive Way to Find the Root Directories

Root Explorer today comes out as the popular App that you can easily install on your device. You may think that once you install it successfully, you can browse the root directories without any difficulties. But this is not the fact, first you need to enable root explorer only after that you would be able to carry out the activities.

Now, you should know the detailed procedure how to enable the root explorer stepwise ensuring that you carry out the complete procedure successfully. It would help you to become confident, and you can go ahead enabling the system to function properly.

Stepwise Guide:

Here are given the steps following which you can activate the root explorer at your ease:

  •    First, you need to open ES file explorer
  •    Go to the top left and press the Fast Access Menu option
  •    Next, you need to click Tools
  •    Immediately after root explorer you can find ‘On’ option, click over there

Finally, your root browsing would get enabled, and you can easily get access to a directory under your root via Super SU or Superuser, which you are using. It would be better to remember the one you use that would help you to fix it rather than allowing the access every time you are browsing.


Get Easier Downloads:

Android devices come out with a lovely outlook and now using the root explorer you can make those app your easily by downloading. Root Explorer is a reputed App with over 18,000 reviews that represent the popularity of the Root Explorer option. If you need the good file manager, this would be a better one that would be easy to install on your Android phone, tablet or phablet. Certain free alternatives are also available that would be useful to save some good bucks reducing your investment.

Now, you can get easy access to the hidden accessories that would become visible only to users with Root access. It can be installed only on the smartphones with Android operating system. Therefore, it comes out as the useful file manager that would aid you to poke over the file directories.

Other Features:

The features mentioned below represent the guidelines to use the App efficiently:

  •    Open ‘All Apps’ view using the arrow on the lower left side corner of the screen.
  •    You need to scroll down viewing the ‘Root Explorer’ that would help you to load the application following by the folder list.
  •    Now, click the ‘back’ button going to the original page and in this way, you can navigate via Root Explorer.
  •    Clicking the ‘back’ button would also be useful to shut down the context menu without any changes.
  •    Using the Menu button, you can go to the Root Explorer and from there you can generate a new folder or file, add search option or bookmark options or simply view the contents of the files.

Finally, you can get a clear view of the procedure knowing how to use the App exploring the benefits in real time.

Game killer best features and Tips

Gamekiller, it is a name which is famous amongst all the game lovers as it is a hack to play even the unapproved games which you will not find on an android app store. Gamekiller is not an approved app so you will not find it on Google store but this does not mean it is harmful to your device.

It is just that it does not obey some of the policies of Google app store because of which it was discarded. As I said Gamekiller is very famous amongst all the people who are searching for new and difficult games which are hard to have access but with the help of Gamekiller they can play any game smoothly.

Best features of Gamekiller are:

  • You can easily hack offline games i.e. it can easily hack any game which you play offline.
  • Easy completion: Gamekiller helps in completing difficult missions easily so that you will not have to stick with any particular stage. There are times when we stuck at a particular point in a game and we do not find a way out but this is not the case with Gamekiller as you can easily hack those points and proceed.
  • Hack coins and points: To come in the list of world’s good players you got to have very high coins and score which are not possible without any hack. Gamekiller helps you to hack coins and scores and you can also share them which will ultimately increase your rank.
  • No charges: There are many apps that charge you for using its features and buy anything in the games offered by them but this is not so with Gamekiller. If you have Gamekiller you do not have to use real money to purchase extra tools and features of the games offered.
  • Easy modification: This is something which makes Gamekiller my favourite because I do not have to play any game like the way it has been made. I can easily modify games for example, its missions, characters or any game control so that I can design it in the way I like it.
  • Loading speed: Mostly games take long time in loading and some games really irritates as they are very slow while they load but Gamekiller kills this problem too. Gamekiller saves the game until where it has been played and when you open that game again it automatically opens from that point which saves a lot of time.

There are many more features that make Gamekiller a real killer as it kills unnecessary steps because it has been made completely for entertainment and game lover not for any illegal use.

Apart from games Gamekiller has one more benefit and it is that you do not have to process rooting to install Gamekiller which makes it more user-friendly and reliable. Because of its mind-blowing features Gamekiller has made a goodwill in the eyes of its users which reflects in the form of reviews.

You can download game killer apk and install it on your android device for free of cast. So, what are you waiting for? go ahead and do it now.

Top 5 Best unblocked games to play for free

Unblocked games are those mini games which are played online. These types of games do not require any specific requirements in your computer. If you have internet connection you can play this types of games. These games don’t require to be installed as it can be played online.

If you are finding ways to kill your boring time and you don’t have any big games then you can go to internet and play these unblocked games for free. You can find any sorts of unblocked games. If you are sports lover then there are unblocked games related to sports, if you are speed lover then you can play different speeding games for you.

You can find different types of games such as action games for action lovers, adventurous, racing, defensive, puzzle, shooting, multiplayer and so on. There are thousands of unblocked games in the internet. Below are the list of top 5 best games which are popular among the unblocked games  lover.


Tetris is a classical game and is one of the most played unblocked games in the world. The games are widely played and it is simple game that everybody can play. In this game a player has to rotate the different shaped blocks to form a horizontal line or box without any gaps.

You have to arrange the different shaped blocks in a proper way so that there is not any hole. The more you make gaps or holes while arranging the blocks the sooner your games will be finished.  If you arrange the blocks properly without making holes and gaps you will get more score.

Super car 3d

This is an addictive game for all aged group people. In this game a player will have racing experience. A player had to perform crazy stunts and also need to beat out the other racers and earn money. The more you earn by winning the race and performing the stunts the sooner you will get to unlock next level. This game is mostly played by teen aged group. It is becoming more and more popular now a days as it has comparatively good screen and animations than other online unblock games.

Air gunner

This game requires an excellent coordination between your hands and eyes and mind. If you love shooting games you might already know about the game. This game is military shooting game where you have to kill the enemy from the air. You can use various weapons such as machine guns, canon, and many different advanced weapons. Your duty in this game is not only shooting but also protecting your bomber plane. You can get different weapons in different level for accessing you have to keep on playing and go to higher level.

Run 2

In this game you have to have quick response and concentration as you have to avoid the pit falls when you are running on the skate. You will have different unexpected falls so should be very careful

Storm fall : age of war

This game is about a emperor. In this game you have to build your castle. You have to conquer different states and claim the throne. You can use different siege-craft, intrigue, magic and mythical beast to conquer and make a empire

Aptoide Marketplace Alternative

Aptoide market place is one of the popular market place for downloading the android application for you mobile without any charge. In most of the application stores, you have to download the advanced apps, games and themes by paying certain amount but in Aptoide you can download the application store.

It is growing as one of the best alternative apps market for Google Play Store. There are different apps market which is similar to Aptoide. You can use those market place as an alternative as most of these market place will provide you with paid applications for free. Some of the market place that we can use as an alternative market place are:

  • F- Droid

This is one of the best app stores that provides the applications and games for completely free. F- Droid is very user friendly and it enables the users to easily and instantly browse the application, install them and keep the tracks of latest and new updates in your device. F- droid is one of the perfect source for finding free and open source apps and games which is a good news for the users and for the developers too.

  • Amazon App Store

Amazon is one of the popular app markets where you can get the apps. You can however needs to pay for some applications but sometimes this store provides you the paid apps for free everyday as a gift. This app store provides you suggestions for downloading the apps based on your timeline purchases.

  • Maxi Store

Maxi Store is another best alternative for downloading the apps for your android mobiles. You can download the applications and games for completely free. It features the great and best application from most of the popular app stores in the world. One of the best features of this store is that you can download thousands of apps for over 5 thousand Android smartphones model.

  • App brain

App brain is the app store which is similar to Google Play Store. In this store you can discover the latest and new android applications for your android device. You can get most of the apps for free charge. Applications are categorized as hot apps, all- time popular apps, recommended apps so that users can easily search and find the applications they are searching.

  • SlideMe

SlideMe provides both free and paid apps and games. This store is one of the best platforms for android owners with a nice collection of free apps and games. It also focuses on the community that can rate apps. This helps other users to download the best apps.

  • Blackmar alpha

Blackmart alpha is one of the best app stores for downloading the free games and applications. You can download all the paid apps from Google Play Store for completely free in here. All the applications and games you find in here are complete games. You don’t need to worry about the games and applications which most of the sites claim free and after downloading you get a trial or test version.

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8

Nearly all Windows users would have seen the upgrade option on their computer screens. Undoubtedly, Windows 10 is the biggest and most crucial update Microsoft has ever made over the past several years. Moreover, the company has also made this major upgrade absolutely free for a limited time. So, below are some convincing reasons that explain why you should upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8.


1) Start Menu

Surely the Windows 8 replaced the most consistent parts of the operating system’s user interface with a full screen Start Menu that was designed for easier use with tablets. However, the enhanced Metro interface seems very effective, especially for the touch control. You can now have your apps and shortcuts assembled at one place and access them easily. But, there is always an option for reverting to the classic menu style if you wish to.

2) Cortana

You are well familiar with the Google voice and Apple’s Siri Artificial Intelligence Software. But this time Microsoft made a big leap by blending both of the features and name their new Artificial Intelligence software Cortana. It is just like your assistant giving you the best options based on your personal interests and demands. In future, most of the laptop companies would include the Cortana Button on their Keyboard.

3) New and Improved Command Prompt

It’s been years since Microsoft made any significant changes in Command Prompt. Actually it always lagged behind its features, display, etc. But Microsoft assuming that someone would probably know enough of command prompts may find himself at comfort zone if we upgrade its features. They made it a little more usable with enhanced experimental options like the copy and paste function, text wrapping, opacity slider, etc.

4) Better Overall Interface

Well, apart from the start menu, there are many other elements and features of Windows 10 that give you a better user interface. All of the Windows applications, programs, utilities, software, etc. now have a better look than ever. Moreover, your upgrading to Windows 10 also enables the gateway for many applications which might not be compatible with Windows 7 or 8. Of course users need sometime and guidance to get use to the new features. Perhaps, is a great platform to get How-to articles related to Windows 10.

5) Media Center

Microsoft really did a thorough research before they jumped to Windows 10. Because most of the users now love paid subscriptions for watching their favorite shows, dramas and movies, etc. on platforms like Netflix. So, the new Media center has it all. Previously this was only used for running the DVD’s. But now there is much more than ever.


Windows 10 is the ultimate Operating System, and the most efficient Microsoft has ever launched in its History. Having personally experienced its tremendous features and outstanding performance I would highly recommend you to avail the free upgrade opportunity now, and enjoy the enticing new features. The Free Upgrade offer will end on July 26, 2016. Hurry!

15 free SEO tools for startups!!

Free tools are not only a great way to test what will work best for your business and what won’t but they are also a good way to stay within a limited budget.  A number of startups don’t really have the budget to spend on expensive SEO tactics which is where the free SEO tool shared below come in handy.

The tools mentioned are tied to their use:


    • Google Keyword Planner which helps you come up with lists of possible keywords to use in your content. Another good alternative to this tool is the keywordTool.IO which is capable of generating up to 750 or more suggestions for every keyword.
    • Ubersuggest which is a keyword suggestion too that is based on Google’s own suggestion engine. 


  • MergeWords which is a keyword research tool that automatically combines sets of words to help ensure that you don’t miss out on any related keywords, search queries or domains. In addition to keyword research, this tool can also be used in queries for link building and in searching domains.
  • Moz SEO Toolbar which is basically a suite of tools that includes tools such as ranking monitoring, keyword tracking, link tracking, and on-page optimizations to mention but a few.


Tools to deal with competitors

  • With Similarweb, you not only gather insightful data on your competition but you can also gather data on your websites and even your customers. What makes this tool stand out from all the rest is that the information it comes up with is properly laid out on easy-to-red graphs.
  •’s Way Back Machine which lets you get access to approximately 435 billion archive web pages. With this tool and the information it provides, you are able to monitor any changes to the website which changes result in traffic changes as well as link count.

Diagnostic Tools

  • Screaming Frog which is capable of crawling through websites, links, apps, code or images in a bid to collect any essential data that can be used to better maintain your website. Besides gathering useful data in relation to your website, you can also use this tool to spy on completion.
  • Robots.txt Checker helps analyze each line on your websites’ robots. Xt. With the information gotten, you are able to identify and fix any errors that are preventing you from having a great Robots.txt.
  • With the Browseo tool, you are able to look at a given website much like a search engine would.

Link Building

  • BacklinkWatch is a great tool to not only check your backlinks but also to spy on your competitor’s backlink information.seo-tools


  • Outdated Content Finder which helps you search for and find old content. When the old content is found, you are in a better position to revamp it in exchange for a link.
  • SEO Quake which is an SEO plugin for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple safari is a great tool to analyze your website as well as help you with link building.
  • Xenu’s Link Sleuth which is a great tool for checking for broken links on your website,

Social Media


  • Buffer is a great tool to help schedule your social media content interactions.
  • Rocket Ranking which a good solution to upping your website traffic on a daily basis. It takes into account your social media presence and makes use of a keyword profit calculator, an on-page SEO optimizer, SEO backlink counter and SEO backlink builder to help improve your rankings.  Initially, this tool is free of charge but a quarterly-based upgrade may be required.


Jeremy is one of the SEO Specialists at Thunder Rank, a digital marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada. He’s passionate and dedicated to providing his clients with results. To learn more, check out their website.

7 things to consider before upgrading to windows 10

While Microsoft has provided the option for the users for a free upgrade to windows 10, there are a few obstacles which most of the users seem to ignore in their eagerness to upgrade to windows 10.

We would be highlighting some of the overseen obstacles which you need to consider before you actually upgrade to windows 10.



1. Privacy problems:
While for the majority of the data on the computer, Microsoft has provided options to decide on the privacy settings but if you look into the digital assistant application, it is allowed to access your emails as well as your calendars as well as your other files on the desktop as well.

This can be a huge problem because this cannot be controlled as long as you are using the assistant.

2. One drive integration problems:
Onedrive was changed a lot in Windows 8 and therefore if these days, you are using Onedrive on windows 10, you have to select a folder which would be viewed and once you have selected these folders, there would be no way of accessing the other folders.

The only way in which you can access the other folders would be to visit the website of Onedrive.


This is pretty troublesome when you just want to access a few files.

3. Media Centre problems:
If you look into the features for playing the DVDs as well as the CDs, you would realise that the Windows media Centre is not that much integrated with this windows.

Even if you manually install the Windows media player, you would not be getting as much support for watching the CDs and the DVDs.

4. No great universal apps:
You might have seen the Microsoft blog which keeps on promoting the universal apps and Microsoft keeps on promoting these apps and other popular web magazine’s as well.

If you look into the store of universal apps, you would realise that there is nothing good enough and it is having the most basic apps and those are also from dodgy creators and therefore they should be left alone instead of using them on a daily basis.

5. Some of the important apps are not ready:
If you look into the mail app which promises to help you in mailing right from the desktop or if you look into the edge browser, you would notice that they are not entirely ready for use and therefore this can be a big problem as well as you would not be able to integrate them easily with your day-to-day mailing experience as well as browsing experience. Even the network app is still not ready and you may encounter bugs such as Svchost -k

So, if you are excited about the windows 10 free upgrade, you have to look into these 5 problems which you can encounter after upgrading to windows 10.

7 Awesome Windows 10 Tips You Must Know

Windows 10 has changed a lot as compared to the previous Windows 8. These days, if you look at the Windows 10 interface and if you look at the previous Windows, you would be able to easily notice a lot of difference.



There are quite a few secrets which most of the people do not know about when it comes to windows 10. We would be highlighting some of the tips which would help you in using windows 10 more efficiently.

1. Virtual desktop:
Virtual desktops are new to Windows because previously they have been only on Macs and Linux. The main advantage is that these days, you can use the virtual desktops without any modification and all you need to do is to just set up the virtual desktops with the information and icons which you need and you are good to go.

You can easily handle your emails and you can easily see your Twitter feed as well as browse the Internet as well from your desktop itself.

2. Privacy settings:
No matter which operating system you are using, your privacy is pretty important and most of the operating system’s earlier did not give you the option to easily customise the privacy settings. The options were available but they were so complicated to manage that most of the users did not even try changing the privacy settings.

When it comes to windows 10, you can easily control the information which you share with other users as well as the operating system as well.

3. Printing PDF:
While printing other type of document was pretty easy earlier as well, printing PDF was not the same. In order to print the PDF, you have to take the help of 3rd party software in order to ensure that it is getting printed properly.

This change was long overdue since PDF has been used as a document type for a pretty long period of time.

So, in the latest windows 10, you can easily print the PDF as well.


4. Wi-Fi sense:
This feature allows you to block the unauthorised access to your Wi-Fi network. Most of the times, Wi-Fi can be easily hacked and therefore people often use the Wi-Fi passwords and with the help of this feature and by putting it off, you would not allow any other device to be connected in your Wi-Fi network.

5. Virtual machine installation:
If you’re not sure about the installation of windows 10 and if you just want to try out windows 10, it can be easily installed on a virtual machine as well and once you have made sure that it is the right kind of operating system, it you can install it on your entire machine.

6. Windows Explorer:
The ability of the Windows Explorer has been increased tremendously in the latest windows 10. There is a quick access option at the top of the window as well at the top left and this allows navigation to be much easier and also it saves a lot of time as well.

7. Customisation of the start menu:
In windows 10, we have all grown used to the start menu as was created by the Windows and later on according to the usage of the applications and software it got arranged automatically. You can easily customise the entire start menu as well in windows 10.



You need to understand that the customisation would save you a lot of time in the future as well.

So, if you’re looking into the features of windows 10 which are much better as compared to the features of earlier Windows, we have highlighted 7 features for you which would change your user experience and make windows 10 more effective for you.

Though we strongly recommend upgrading to Windows 10, it’s our duty to make you aware of the fact that a lot of Windows 10 users are facing dns_probe_finished_no_internet issue right after upgrading to Windows 10.